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Month: February 2018

Shaping Canada’s Future Together: Proposals

Click here to view the original document (PDF). SHAPING CANADA’S FUTURE TOGETHER Proposals © Minister of Supply and Services Canada 1991 Cat. No. CP22-24/1991 E ISBN 0-662-19152-8 Copies disponibles en français [Pages i-ii] Table of Contents Preface iii Introduction: Shaping Canada’s Future Together v Part I: Shared Citizenship and Diversity 1 11 Shared Values: The Canadian Identity 1 12 The Rights of Citizenship and the Charter 3 13 Recognizing Quebec’s Distinctiveness 4 14 Canada’s First Peoples 6 15 A Constitutional Affirmation of the Canadian Identity 9 Proposals 10 Annex 14… Read more Shaping Canada’s Future Together: Proposals