British North America Act, 1867, S. 37

37. The House of Commons shall, subject to the Provisions of this Act, consist of One hundred and eighty-one Members, of whom Eighty-two shall be elected for Ontario, Sixty-five for Quebec, Nineteen for Nova Scotia, and Fifteen for New Brunswick.

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[Note: On October 31, 1987, the House of Commons consisted of 282 members: 95 for Ontario, 75 for Quebec, II for Nova Scotia, 10 for New Brunswick, 14 for Manitoba, 28 for British Columbia, 4 for Prince Edward Island, 21 for Alberta, 14 for Saskatchewan, 7 for Newfoundland, 1 for the Yukon Territory and 2 for the Northwest Territories.

These figures result from the application of section 51 as re-enacted by the Constitution Act, 1974 (No. 40 infra) and amended by the Constitution Act (No. 1), 1975 (No. 41 infra), and of the Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act (Canada).]