Confederation Documents: British North America Act- 1st Draft (Schedule)

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First Members of the Legislative Council of United Colony.

1. Upper Canada.
2. Lower Canada.
[Specifying the Twenty-four Divisions.]
3. Nova Scotia.
4. New Brunswick.

[No. 30 of the Amended Resolutions (Powers and Privileges of the Houses) may be provided for by Colonial Legislation.

Nos. 31-7 (Courts, Judges, etc.) might be left for Colonial Legislation, unless there is some special Reason for having them inserted in the Imperial Act.

No. 40 and Parts of Nos. 47-50 relate to the Constitution and Proceedings of the Provincial Governments and Legislatures. It is understood that Draft Clauses on these Subjects are being prepared by the Delegates of the several Colonies, which when completed can be considered in Consultation with them.

Nos. 53-63 (Property and Liabilities) are reserved for further Consideration.

No. 65 (Intercolonial Railway) must be dealt with separately.

All the other Resolutions seem disposed of in this Draft Bill as far as Legislation is requisite.

Are such Provisions considered desirable as ss. 47, 48, of the Canada Union Act of 1840, relating to Continuance of Courts, Commissions, etc., and to Temporary Acts?]

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