George Brown Fonds, Drafts of the Quebec Resolutions – Notes on Division of Powers (20-21 October 1864)

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Date: 1864-10-20/21
By: George Brown
Citation: George Brown Fonds, Drafts of the Quebec Resolutions – Notes on Division of Powers, October 20-21st, 1864 (MG 24, B 40, Vol. 21, pp. 3763-3765).
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Composition of Executive {Macdonald, Cartier, Brown, Galt}

Maintain Responsible Gov.?

L. Provinces form into on Prov.?

[not legible] —U.C.—L.C.—Maritime Prov.



What local matters?

What general matter?

How construct the Law Debt?

How local authority Constructed?





U.C 1.396.091

L.C 1.110.664



Shall the [?] provided items be committed to the general gov. or to the local?

[following word is double underlined] General

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Trade

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Currency

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Taxation for general purposes

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Banking

[checkmark inserted in left margin] [word not legible ?Interest]

Postal Service

Militia & Defense

Administration of justice – Criminal

Intercolonial Works [following word and question mark strikethrough] Civil?

[following provision and question mark strikethrough] Public Laws & Settlement?

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Sea Fisheries

Power to subsidy local [not legible] [bracket with word inserted doubtful]

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Naturalization

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Navigation [inserted to the right with question mark Civil Law?]

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Census

Assume Property & Debts [three illegible words]

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Agriculture [illegible word]

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Light-Houses

[following provision and question mark strikethrough] Power to restrict debts of local gov.

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Insolvency

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Patents & Copyrights

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Marriage & Divorce

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Weights & Measures

[checkmark inserted in left margin] Telegraph

[following word is double underlined] Local

Inland fisheries

Public Laws & Settlement

Education [inserted beneath word Reservation for [illegible word] two minorities]


Hospital & Charities

Agriculture [illegible word to the right]


Power [eight illegible words follow]

Registration of titles

Municipal laws

[illegible initials J.P?]


[following three words strikethrough] All parish bills

[following provision strikethrough] marriage & divorce

[following provision strikethrough] local works

All private & Local Bills except [illegible word banking]

[following provision strikethrough] Debts of local gov.

[following provision strikethrough] Prisons

[following provision strikethrough] Hospitals

[following provision strikethrough] Agriculture

[following provision strikethrough] Roads

[following provision strikethrough] [two illegible words]

[following provision strikethrough] Registration of [illegible word]

[following provision strikethrough] Bankruptcy

[following provision strikethrough] [illegible initials J.P?]

[following provision strikethrough] Coroner

[two illegible words]

[illegible word]


[two illegible words]

Building [illegible word]

Railway [illegible word]

Land [illegible word]


Debts of Municipalities


Executive as now

[line separator inserted]

Composition of Cabinet to be left to Crown

[line separator inserted]

Legislative Council

Nova Scotia – 21

New Brunswick 22

Canada 72

P.E. [number legible 13]

[tally of previous numbers] 128

[following two words strikethrough] Sixty members [inserted seventy five members or 72]

to be paid –

[following two words underlined] Leg. Assembly

Nova Scotia 55

New Brunswick 43

Canada 130

P.E. 30

[tally of previous numbers] 258

Min. 150 – Max 200


[following word and question mark strikethrough] Term? [illegible word]

[illegible word with question mark]

[three illegible words with question mark]

[three illegible words with question mark] arrival

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