Letter from Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau to Premier Alexander B. Campbell

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Date: 1975-10-20
By: Premier Alexander B. Campbell
Citation: Letter from Premier Alexander B. Campbell to Mr. Prime Minister Trudeau (20 October 1975).
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October 20, 1975

The Right Honourable Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
East Block, Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Canada

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

I was pleased to have your letter of April 19, 1975, and to learn that you intend to proceed with despatch towards the patriation of the British North America Act. As I indicated to you at our meeting of April 9th, I support your initiatives in this area and assure you of the complete cooperation of the Government of Prince Edward Island.

I note that it is your suggestion that we proceed along the lines provided in Articles 49 and 51 of the Victoria Charter. Such a procedure seems sensible and will, hopefully, be the first step towards the establishment of a Constitution of Canada.

I look forward to meeting with Mr. Gordon Robertson for a more detailed elaboration of your intentions in this matter. Might I suggest that Mr. Robertson make any necessary arrangements for the meeting with Mr. Douglas Boylan, our Secretary to the Cabinet.

Again, I fully support your initiatives to effect a patriation and look forward to assisting in this first, important step.

Yours very truly,

Alexander B. Campbell
Prince Edward Island

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