John Wildgust, “Liberals kick off think-in”, Montreal Star (23 August 1975)

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Date: 1975-08-23
By: John Wildgust (Montreal Star)
Citation: John Wildgust, “Liberals kick off think-in”, Montreal Star (23 August 1975).
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Aug 23 1975

Montreal Star

kick off

The Star’s Quebec Bureau

MONT GABRIEL—The provincial Liberal party kicked off a two-day “think-in” last night with party president Claude Desrosiers calling for a non-partisan discussion of problems facing the province in the 1980s.

About 400 Liberals are to attend the convention, the third of its kind since the party came to power in 1970.

“This convention will open a window to realties other than our own,” Mr. Desrosiers said in his opening remarks.

“No political or ideological label has any place here.

“We have voluntarily eliminated slogans and lartificialities.” he added.

The “think-in” features 10 resource speakers for workshop sessions, headlined by Herman Kuhn, president of the Hudson Institute, the New York “think-tank,” who speaks tomorrow morning on human relations.

Premier Bourassa arrived by helicopter last night to attend the conference, billed as “another contribution of the Liberal Party of Quebec to the evolution of modern Quebec.”

Mr. Bourassa, in remarks prepared for the conference, said the 1980s theme would point out that “Quebec will have to live in its particular condition on the North American continent as a different society culturally.”

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