Memorandum from Mary Macdonald [Re: Your memorandum to the Prime Minister, October 10, 1975 “Reactions from Quebec to our latest drafts for the proclamation on the constitution”] to R.G. Robertson (21 October 1975)

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Date: 1975-10-21
By: Mary Macdonald
Citation: Memorandum from Mary Macdonald to R.G. Robertson (21 October 1975).
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October 21, 1975


From: Mary Macdonald

Re: Your memorandum to the Prime Minister,
October 10, 1975

“Reactions from Quebec to our latest
drafts for the proclamation on the

The Prime Minister has made the following remarks:

Page 1, (a)

“Not raised by Bourassa but I agree.”

Page. 2, (b)

“Not raised by Bourassa. As a last concession I could
go along. But I would hold out till the end. It is
obvious that as months go by, B.’s package grows even
bigger. I told him firmly that had to stop.”

Page 3, (c) – first paragraph and (1)

“This was raised by Bourassa. I gave him the same
answer as you.”

Page 3, (2) and (3)

“But on this he had thought about it and said he would
accept that the fiscal equivalent be paid to the taxpayers.
This would leave the Province free to tax it away – some-
thing the equivalent of a tax point. (I don’t know if he
thought of the redistributive effect).

At any rate, I made it clear it could not be part of the
package. But said that once the constitution had been
repatriated, we would be prepared to discuss this and the
other subjects which had been part of our proposals during
the constitutional debate.”



Page 4, first paragraph

“He did, and said the whole thing could take “quelques
mois”. But such is obviously not the case.”

Page 5, final comments

“Bourassa phoned me around October 16th before leaving
for Iran. He referred to the talks between Chouinard and
you, and said things appeared to be going well. He hoped
progress would be made while he was away, but felt that
Chouinard being busy in the Courts, you would be getting
a call from Cloutier or Arthur Tremblay. – I don’t know if
in this he is preparing to give us the run around, but I
told him I did not appreciate his constantly escalating
demands. That soon I would be tempted to move unilaterally.
He said he understood this and had said so to his ministers.
The latter did not have time to make up their mind on the
package. – I think the time has come to be a bit tougher.
Otherwise B. will drag us on forever.”


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