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We encourage participation is a fully interactive website. That means that you can participate to make our website even more efficient.

Annotate, annotate, annotate!

You can click on any text on our site and create an annotation. All you need is a Hypothesis account (it takes under a minute to sign up!). You can do so by clicking here.

We appreciate contributions of all kinds, but here is what will help us the most:

  • What Section of the Constitution Does This Pertain To? By highlighting a passage and creating an annotation, feel free to say something like, “This passage refers to Section 34 of the British North America Act.” So, next time a user is looking for documents relating to Section 34, that document will show up thanks to your help.
  • Suggestions for Documents We Don’t Have. If you notice that we are missing a document, please feel free to contact us however you wish: through our annotations, our comments section, or directly at With your help, our database becomes more complete.
  • Creating Text Versions of Our Documents. If you notice that we have just uploaded the PDF version of the document and it has not been transcribed, please help us transcribe that document. Contact us at and let us know you’re helping us out to ensure two people aren’t working on the same document.

But, most of all, feel free to comment and discuss our documents. We don’t just want to be a repository, we seek to be an educational community for those interested in the Canadian Constitution.