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In anticipation of the hearings at the Supreme Court of Canada regarding the Impact Assessment Act, we have produced a report on Section 92A regarding Provincial Ownership of Resources. HERE. We now have a first draft version of Section 109 HERE,  one on Section 92(10)–Local Works HERE , Section 92(13)–Property and Civil Rights (Provincial)HERE, and one on Section 92(5)–Provincial Public Lands HERE.We hope to have other relevant sections of the case up in the near future.

In light of Reference re An Act respecting First Nations, Inuit and Metis children, youth and families (also known as Attorney General of Quebec v. Attorney General of Canada), we have added a new reports on Executive Power, specifically, Section 12 (Federal) and Section 65 (Provincial)


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We are proud to announce the second publication in our book series Canada’s Primary Constitutional Documents: The Confederation Debates in the Province of Canada (CCF, 2022)

Click Here to Download the Three-Volume Set

About the Confederation Debates: Included in this three-volume set, for the first time in one location, is the complete record of all the debates on Confederation that took place in the parliament of the Province of Canada in the period between the drafting of the Quebec Resolutions in October 1864 and the coming-into-force of the new constitution in 1867.Historically, the term “Confederation Debates” has been used to describe only a subset of these debates which took place in February and March, 1865. The present volume includes, in addition, debates from the summer of 1865 and from 1866 that are necessary for a full understanding of the development of the British North America Act.


For the debates surrounding the creation of the Emergencies Act, please visit our collection HERE.In light of Quebec’s attempt to change its constitution we have created two Reports:

REPORT: Compilation of primary documents to assist in interpreting the English phrases: “Provincial Constitutions” or “Constitution of the Province” or “Local Constitutions”

REPORT: Language Rights, Section 133 of the Constitution Act, 1867

We have also published a new report on Indigenous Rights, Section 25 of the Constitution Act, 1982 HERE.

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