Section Reports

Constitution Act, 1867

Section 12 [Executive Power, Federal]
Section 65 [Executive Power, Provincial]
Section 91 [Peace, Order, and Good Government]
Section 92 [Provincial/Local Constitutions]
Section 92(5) [Provincial: Public Lands]
Section 92(10) [Provincial: Local Works]
Section 92(13) [Provincial: Property and Civil Rights]
Section 92(14) [Provincial: Administration of Justice/Courts]
Section 92A [Provincial: Ownership of Resources]
Section 94 [Uniformity of Laws]
Section 96 [Appointment of Justices]
Section 101 [Establishment of Courts]
Section 109 [Provincial Ownership of Resources]
Section 133 [Language Rights]

Constitution Act, 1982

Section 1 [Reasonable Limits]
Section 2 [Fundamental Freedoms]
Section 3 [Democratic Rights]
Section 4(1) [Duration of Legislative Bodies]
Section 4(2) [Legislative Bodies in War]
Section 5 [Annual Sitting of Legislative Bodies]
Section 6 [Mobility Rights]
Section 7 [Security of the Person]
Section 8 [Unreasonable Search or Seizure]
Section 9 [Arbitrary Detention]
Section 10 [Rights Upon Arrest or Detention]
Section 11 [Rights of the Accused]
Section 12 [Cruel & Unusual Punishment]
Section 13 [Protection Against Self-Incrimination]
Section 14 [Right to An Interpreter]
Section 15(1) [Equality Rights: General]
Section 15(1) [Equality Rights: Disability Rights]
Section 15(2) [Affirmative Action]
Section 16 [Official Languages of Canada]
Section 17 [Right of English or French in Debates]
Section 18 [Statutes & Records in English & French]
Section 19 [Right to English or French in Courts]
Section 20 [Right to Services in English and French]
Section 21 [Existing Language Rights]
Section 22 [Existing Language Rights (Non-English/French]
Section 23 [Minority Language Educational Rights]
Section 24 [Enforcement and Remedies]
Section 25 [Indigenous Rights]
Section 26 [Existing Rights]
Section 27 [Multiculturalism]
Section 28 [Sex Equality Rights]
Section 29 [Denominational Schools]
Section 30 [Application to the Territories]
Section 31 [Legislative Powers Not Extended]
Section 32 [Application of the Charter]
Section 33 [Notwithstanding Clause]
Section 50 [Created Section 92A and Related Schedule of the Constitution Act, 1867]
Section 51 [Created Section 92A and Related Schedule of the Constitution Act, 1867]
Section 45 [Provincial/Local Constitutions]