18th Annual Premiers Conference, Statement on Language (18-19 August 1977)

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Date: 1977-08-18
By: Secretariat of the Conference
Citation: 18th Annual Premiers Conference, Statement on Language, Doc 850-8/027 (St. Andrews: 18-19 August 1977).
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DOCUMENT: 850-8/02


August 18-19, 1977

St. Andrews, New Brunswick


Recognizing our concern for the maintenance and, where indicated, development of minority language rights in Canada; and

Recognizing that education is the foundation on which language and culture rest:

The Premiers agree that they will make their best efforts to provide instruction in education in English and French wherever numbers warrant.

The Premiers direct the Council of Education Ministers to meet as soon as possible to review the state of minority language education in each province.

The Premiers ask further that the Council of Education Ministers report to each Premier within six months. Following this, each Province would undertake to ensure such provision of Canadian minority language education, and would then make a declaration of the policy plan and programme to be adopted by the Government of that Province, in this respect.

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