“Meeting of the Liberal Convention of Upper Canada”, [Report of the Committee of Resolutions] The Globe (10 November 1859)

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Date: 1859-11-10
By: The Globe
Citation: “Meeting of the Liberal Convention of Upper Canada”, The Globe [Toronto] (10 November 1859).
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The following report of the Committee on Resolutions, was submitted through the Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Jeffrey, of Cobourg:

The Committee appointed to prepare Resolutions for the consideration of the Convention respectfully report that, after mature consideration, they have agreed to present the following six resolutions as likely to elicit discussion on the several remedies proposed for existing evils in the government of the Province:—

1. Resolved,—That the existing Legislative Union of Upper and Lower Canada has failed to realize the anticipations of its promoters, has resulted in a heavy public debt, burdensome taxation, great political abuses, and universal dissatisfaction throughout Upper Canada; and it is the matured conviction of this assembly, from the antagonisms developed through difference of origin, local interests, and other cases, that the Union in its present form can no longer be continued with advantage to the people.

2. Resolved,—That highly desirable as it would be, while the existing Union is maintained, that local legislation should not be forced on one section of the Province against the wishes of a majority of the representatives of that section—yet this Assembly is of opinion that the plan of government known as the “Double Majority” would be no permanent remedy for existing evils.

3. Resolved,—That, necessary as it is that strict constitutional restraints on the power of the Legislature and Executive in regard to the borrowing and expenditure of money and other matters, should form part of any satisfactory change of the existing Constitutional system—yet the imposition of such restraints would not alone remedy the evils under which the country now labours.

4. Resolved,—That without entering on the discussion of other objections, this assembly is of opinion that the delay which must occur in obtaining the sanction of the Lower Provinces to a Federal Union of all the British North American Colonies, places that measure beyond consideration as a remedy for present evils.

5. Resolved,—That in the opinion of this assembly, the best practicable remedy for the evils now encountered in the government of Canada is to be found in the formation of two or more local governments, to which shall be committed the control of all matters of a local or [text missing] character, and a general government charged with such matters as are necessarily common to both sections of the Province.

5. Resolved,—That while the details of the changes proposed in the last resolution are necessarily subject for future arrangement, yet this assembly deems it imperative to declare that no general government would be satisfactory to the people of Upper Canada which is not based on the principle of Representation by Population.

All which is respectfully submitted.



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