Memorandum from R.G. Robertson [Material for discussions in Quebec on “patriation”] to Mr. Gravelle (29 May 1975)

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Date: 1975-05-29
By: R.G. Robertson
Citation: Memorandum from R.G. Robertson to Mr. Gravelle (29 May 1975).
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May 29th, 1975.


Material for discussions in Quebec on “patriation”

Thank you for the attached material for my discussions with Mr.Bourassa yesterday on “patriation”. I read and digested it pretty thoroughly before the meeting and it was very helpful. You and Mr.Hurley will be getting copies of my notes on the meeting which Mr. Bourassa has asked us to keep particularly confidential.

Mr. Chouinard said there had been quite a good discussion in the Assemblé nationale earlier in the week when the estimates of the Prime Minister and the Department of Intergovernmental Affairs had been under review. He has promised to send me a copy of the hansard. I think it will be important to analyze it fairly closely for what it may reveal about current attitudes on the matter of “patriation”. Both Chouinard and Mr.Bourassa said it was important in this regard.

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