Premiers’ Conference, Press Release, February 2, 1978 (23 February 1978)

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Date: 1978-02-23
By: Richard Hatfield (New Brunswick)
Citation: Premiers’ Conference, Press Release, February 2, 1978, Doc 850-9/005 (Montreal: 23 February 1978).
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DOCUMENT: 850-9/005


Press Release, February 2, 1978

Premier Hatfieid Announces a Special Session
of the Premiers’ Conference

New Brunswick

February 23, 1978

Document: 850-9/005


(February 2, 1978)

N.B. Premier Hatfield announced today that a p special session of the Premiers’ Conference will be held in Montreal on February 23 at the Chateau Champlain Hotel.

Mr. Hatfield, current Chairman of the Premiers’ Conference, said that the provincial leaders will be meeting to receive and discuss the Report of the Council of Education Ministers on minority language education. The Report was commissioned by the Premiers at the 18th Annual Premiers’ Conference held last August 18-19 in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

The Premier, in emphasizing the importance of this meeting, said it demonstrates the continuing effort and commitment on the part of all provinces to ensure where practical the provision of minority language education.

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