“A Forged Letter,” The Globe (4 April 1850)

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Date: 1850-04-04
By: The Globe
Citation: “A Forged Letter,” The Globe (4 April 1850).
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The  Montreal Herald alludes to the notice which recently appeared in the Canada Gazette of the resignation of J. A. Labadie, Esq., of Montreal, of his commissions as Justice of the Peace and Captain of Militia. The notice appeared in the Gazette in consequence of a formal letter of resignation, professing to come from Mr. Labadie, which was received by the Provincial Secretary. It appears the letter was a forgery. The document excited much surprise, but gentlemen familiar with Mr. Labadie’s signature, felt confident it was his, and the Secretary was forced to conclude that it was genuine. Steps have been taken to trace the perpetrator of the forgery.

The Acadian Recorder says “we are free to confess that the idea of an elective Legislative Council had always been in our mind as a practicable measure till Tuesday last; but when we come to weigh the arguments advanced against it we can find no solution for the difficulties with which such a measure would be beset.”

The Recorder, we believe, is what we would call a Calebite in Canada. It wanted the Government printing and did not get it! Wonder if there are any disappointed Crown Land Commissioners in Nova Scotia—or people who want Village “Corners” made into District towns?

A quantity of correspondence which has been in type some days, is unavoidably omitted in this number.

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