Bill 99, An Act to incorporate the Canada Bank Company, Prov C, 1865

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Date: 1867-12-21
By: Dominion of Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Bill 99, An Act to incorporate the Canada Bank Company, 4th Sess, 8th Parl, Prov C, 1865.
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No. 99.
4th Session, 8th Parliament, 29th Victoria, 1865.


An Act to incorporate the Canada Bark

[No. 175 of 1865—1st Session.]



No. 99.–First Ses. No. 175.] BILL. [1865.


An Act to incorporate the Canada Bark Company.

WHEREAS James Miller and John Miller have by their petition represented that they have discovered a process for extracting the tanning principle from hemlock and other barks, and that they are desirous, with those who may be associated with them, of engaging in the business of manufacturing and vending the extract so made in the Province of Canada and elsewhere, and that they can do so to better advantage by the aid of a Charter of Incorporation, and have prayed for the passing of an Act to that end; and whereas it is expedient to grant such prayer: Therefore, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and Assembly of Canada, enacts as follows:–

1. The said James Miller and John Miller, together with all other persons who shall become shareholders in the company hereby constituted, shall be and they are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate by the name of “The Canada Bark Company.”

2. The business of the company shall be, and they shall have full powers to carry on the manufacturing of extracts from hemlock, oak and other barks, and to sell and otherwise deal in such extracts in Canada or elsewhere, and to erect or lease and to work such manufactories thereof, and all things appertaining thereto, and to construct and maintain such buildings and machinery and other improvements thereon, and to sell and dispose of the some and acquire others in their stead; the whole as the company may deem to be for their advantage.

3. The capital stock of the company shall be the sum or two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, divided into ten thousand shares of twenty-five dollars each, and may be from time to time increased, as the wants of the company require, by vote of the stockholders at a meeting of the company called for the purpose, to a total amount not exceeding five hundred thousand dollars.

4. In addition to their ordinary place or places of business within this Province, the company may establish and have any place or places of business in Great Britain or in the United States of America, and may, at any thereof, open books of subscription for their stock, and receive there subscriptions for such stock transferable there respectively; and make all instalments therein to be called in, and all dividends there on to be declared payable there respectively, and at any of such places of business, they may order, direct, do and transact their affairs and business or any thereof in such manner as by By-law in that behalf they may prescribe.

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5. The several clauses of ihe Joint Stock Companies’ General Clauses Consolidation Act, with the exception of the thirty-ninth section of the said Act, are hereby incorporated with this Act.

6. Until the election of directors of the company, to be held at the first general meeting thereof, the said James Miller and John Miller, and Miller, shall be the directors of the company, with power to fill any vacancy which in the meantime may occur in their Board, and also to associate with themselves not more than two other persons, who upon being so named shall be, equally with themselves, directors of the company.

7. This Act shall be deemed a Public Act.

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