Assiniboia [Manitoba], Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia Debates [on Confederation] (23 June 1870)

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Date: 1870-06-23
By: Assiniboia (Legislative Assembly)
Citation: Manitoba, Reconstituted Debates of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia, 1870, 2010 at 110.
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Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia

Third Session

Assembly Chamber, Upper Fort Garry

Thursday, 23 June 1870

The third session of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia was opened today by the President, Hon. Louis Riel. There was a fair attendance of members present — the absentees being made up of those having long distances to come, who were, no doubt, detained by the recent rains.

In opening the proceedings, the President briefly addressed the House.

Hon. Mr. Tait rose to move an adjournment. It was, he said, rather late — some more members might be looked for by to-morrow — and there was, he understood, a general desire that a matter of so much consequence as Rev. Mr. Richot’s report should not come up at that sitting. The co-delegates of the rev. gentleman were absent — but he (Mr. Tait) moved an adjournment till one P.M. next day in order that some more members might be present to hear and consider the report which it was understood Rev. Mr. Richot was prepared to make of the mission to Canada.

Hon. Mr. Bunn seconded the motion. As to the report, he had every confidence in Rev. Mr. Richot. Judge Black, in all probability, would not return — Mr. Scott was not expected for some days — but there could be only one report — and in giving that report Rev. Mr. Richot’s statement might very well be taken.

The motion carried. The House then adjourned.

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