UK, House of Commons, “Question”, (27 February 1867)

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Date: 1867-02-27
By: UK (House of Commons)
Citation: UK, HC, “Question“, vol 185 (1867), cols 1090-1091.
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MR. HADFIELD said, he rose to ask of the Government, Why it was that the second reading of this Bill had been, fixed

  • (col. 1091)

for to-morrow. It was one which affected 4,000,000 of people, and upon which great doubts and differences of opinion were entertained. It was not jet printed, and was of so important a character that he thought some time ought to elapse after it was in the hands of Members before it was introduced, in order that some little consultation should take place upon it. He was not at all sure that he should be opposed to it, but he certainly required more time to consider it.

LORD NAAS said, he would remind the hon. Member that the measure, having passed the House of Lords, he would have no difficulty in obtaining a copy and studying its provisions. The Government were very anxious that the statement to be made by the Under Secretary for the Colonies should be before the country as soon as possible. He hoped, therefore, that no objection would be taken to passing the Bill through its second stage to-morrow; but in case of any discussion arising, and it being thought necessary to debate its provisions, the Government would interpose no objections to the adjournment of the debate.

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