Canada, House of Commons Debates, [Uniformity of Laws], 1st Parl, 2nd Sess (25 May 1869)

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Date: 1869-05-25
By: Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Canada, House of Commons Debates, 1st Parl, 2nd Sess, 1869 at 438-439.
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[Page 438]

Sir John A. Macdonald agreed with the member for Brome, and said that the Government were anxious to do what they could in this matter. It was at present under consideration. The item was concurred in, and the following items as far as “Commission for making provision for the uniformity of the laws of the Provinces,” which was left over on the suggestion of Mr. Mackenzie. The succeeding items, down to 50, “Collecting statistics for births, marriages and deaths,” were concurred in.

On this item,

Mr. Mackenzie called attention to the promise of the Government last session to bring a motion on this subject, so as to secure a uniform system for the collection of vital statistics throughout the Dominion.

Sir John A. MacDonald said the difficulties in the way of doing this had been explained Last session. It was then suggested that one general system should be carried on by the Government of the Dominion with the sanction of the Provinces. It was impossible to do this as yet, but the difficulties were now in course of removal. The area was increasing, and by the time Parliament met again the Dominion would, he hoped, have had communication with the different Provinces on the subject, whereby a general scheme might be secured.

[Page 439]

The item was concurred in. On the items regarding immigration, which, followed […]

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