Canada, Journals of the House of Commons, [Resolution on British North America Act Amendments] 17th Parl, 6th Sess (28 January 1935)

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Date: 1935-01-28
By: Canada (House of Commons)
Citation: Canada, House of Commons, Journals of the House of Commons, 17th Parl, 6th Sess, 1935 at 44.
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Mr. Woodsworth, seconded by Miss Macphail, moved,–That, in the opinion of this House, a special committee should be set up to study and report on the best method by which the British North America Act may be amended so that while safeguarding the existing rights of racial and religious minorities and legitimate provincial claims to autonomy, the Dominion Government may be given adequate power to deal effectively with urgent economic problems which are essentially national in scope.

After Debate thereon, the question being put on the said motion; it was agreed to.

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