Canada, Senate Debates, “The Constitution”, 32nd Parl, 1st Sess (2 December 1981)

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Date: 1981-12-02
By: Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Canada, Senate Debates, 32nd Parl, 1st Sess, 1981 at 3111.
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Hon. Raymond J. Perrault (Leader of the Government): As honourable senators are aware, the votes have now been taken in the other chamber. Therefore, I give notice that tomorrow, Thursday, December 3, 1981, I shall move the following motion:

THAT, WHEREAS in the past certain amendments to the Constitution of Canada have been made by the Parliament of the United Kingdom at the request and with the consent of Canada —

Hon. Senators: Dispense.

Hon. Jacques Flynn (Leader of the Opposition): Is the Leader of the Government seeking concurrence in the resolution that was adopted in the other place? Does it embody the amendments that were adopted?

Hon. Royce Frith (Deputy Leader of the Government): Honourable senators, it is not a matter of concurrence. This is now the form that was adopted in the other place.

Senator Flynn: It is the form that was adopted in the other place, and it now replaces what we had on our order paper?

Senator Perrault: Honourable senators, it is not concurrence. It is, however, an identical Address.

I ask that the motion of which I gave notice on November 19, and which appears on the order paper, be withdrawn.

The Hon. the Speaker pro tem: Is it agreed, honourable senators?

Hon. Senators: Agreed.

Senator Frith: Honourable senators will notice that we have distributed copies of the Motion for an Address to Her Majesty the Queen respecting the Constitution of Canada. It is in the form that has just been adopted in the other place and will appear in the Minutes of the Proceedings of the Senate to be placed on our desks tomorrow. Honourable senators will then have a copy to study this evening, and a further copy in the Minutes of the Proceedings of the Senate.    Pursuant to the order that was adopted yesterday, we shall commence debate on the motion at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. We may wish to defer Question Period, or we may commence the debate immediately following Question Period. The debate itself need not commence at 2 p.m., but it will commence during the sitting which begins at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

Senator Flynn: You mean that it will be the first order of the day?

Senator Frith: Yes; we should make it clear that it will be the first order of the day.

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