Canada, Senate Journals, Interim Report on the Special Committee of the Senate on the Constitution (10 October 1978)

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Date: 1978-10-10
By: Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Canada, Parliament, Journals of the Senate, 30th Parl, 3rd Sess, 1978 at 613.
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The Honourable Senator Stanbury, from the Special Committee of the Senate on the Constitution, tabled an Interim Report of the said Special Committee, as follows:–

TUESDAY, October 10, 1978

The Special Committee of the Senate on the Constitution authorized by the Senate on 28th June, 1978, and appointed on 29th June, 1978, to examine and report upon the subject matter of the Bill C-60, intituled: “An Act to amend the Constitution of Canada with respect to matters coming within the legislative authority of the Parliament of Canada, and to approve and authorize the taking of measures necessary for the amendment of the Constitution with respect to certain other matters”, in advance of the said Bill coming before the Senate, or any matter relating thereto, makes an interim report, as follows:–

Your Committee has held a number of meetings in connection with its examination of the subject-matter of Bill C-60 and its first report, containing its views on those matters it has had time to deal with to date, is now in the final stages of preparation.

Your Committee, therefore, recommends that favourable consideration be given to the reconstitution of the Committee at the earliest possible date following the opening of the next session of Parliament for the purpose of enabling the Committee to present its report.

Respectfully submitted,


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