Province of Canada, (Index) Parliamentary Debates on the Subject of the Confederation of the British North America Provinces, 8th Parl, 3rd Sess, 1865

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Date: 1865-02-03
By: Province of Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Province of Canada, Parliament, Parliamentary Debates on the Subject of the Confederation of the British North America Provinces, 8th Parl, 3rd Sess, 1865 at iii-ix.
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February 3.—Hon. Sir E.P. TACHÉ moved that an Address be presented to HER MAJESTY, praying that a measure be submitted to Imperial Parliament, based on certain resolutions, 1.

February 9.—Hon. Mr. SANBORN moved an amendment with reference to the Constitution of the Legislative Council, 124.

February 13.—Hon. Mr. REESOR moved that the debate be adjourned for ten days, 162. Negatived by 37 to 19.

February 14.—Hon. Mr. LETELLIER DE ST. JUST moved an amendment to Hon. Mr. SANBORN’S amendment, that the debate be adjourned until certain information be laid before the House, 189. Negatived 38 to 20.

February 16.—House divided on Hon. Mr. SANBORN’S amendment, 245. Negatived by 42 to 18.

February 17.—Hon. Mr. CURRIE moved in amendment to the main motion, that the House should not assent to the measure without a further manifestation of the oublic will than has yet been declared, 269. House divided on said amendment, 316. Negatived by 31 to 19.

February 20.—Hon. Mr. AIKINS moved an amendment with reference to the Constitution of the Legislative Council, 317. A question of order being raised, the Hon. the SPEAKER ruled the said amendment out of order, 318. Hon. Mr. REESOR moved in amendment, that the transmission of the Address should be delayed, until the resolutions should be approved by a direct vote of the electors of the province, 327. A question of order being raised, the SPEAKER ruled the said amendment to be in order, 328. Houses divided on said amendment, 333. Negatived by 36 to 19. House divided on main motion, 346. Carried by 45 to 15. Committee appointed to draft an Address. Draft Address reported, agreed to, and order to be engrossed. Ordered that an Address be presented to the Governor General by the whole House, requesting him to transmit said Address to HER MAJESTY, 346.

February 23.—The House waited on His Excellency with their Address to HER MAJESTY. His Excellency’s reply, 421.

*** The names of the Electoral Divisions represented by elected members are given in Italics. Life members are distinguished by [L] following the name.

AIKINS, Hon. JAMES C. [Home], 154-159208217316-317.
ALEXANDER, Hon. GEORGE [Gore], 80-82207-208.
ALLAN, Hon. GEORGE W. [York], 115-118.
ARMAND, Hon. JOSEPH F. [Alma], 209-210.
BELLEAU, Hon. Sir N.F. [L], 180-186189317.
BENNETT, Hon. THOMAS [Eastern], 206-207.
BLAIR, Hon. A.J. FERGUSSON [Brock], 11300.
BLAKE, Hon. OLIVER [Thames], 325-326.
BOSSÉ, Hon. J.N. [De La Durantaye], 208.
BOULTON, Hon. GEORGE S. [L]. 152-154156.
BUREAU, Hon. J.O. [De Lorimier], 189-193309-310327346.
CAMPBELL, Hon. A. Commissioner of Crown Lands [Cataraqui], 20-24,45156159160161175178202223272281290-298303340341342512.
CHRISTIE, Hon. David [Erie], 212-222224277279.
CURRIE, Hon. JAMES G. [Niagara], 45-53208-209210-212218269-284340341342512.
DE BEAUJEU, Hon. GEORGE S. [L], 205322-324.
DICKSON, Hon. WALTER H. [L], 284-290327.
FERRIER, Hon. James [L], 193-198233276.
FLINT, Hon. BILLA [Trent], 318-322.
GUÉVREMONT, Hon. J.B. [Saurel], 313.
HAMILTON, Hon. JOHN [Inkerman], 324-325.
LETELLIER DE ST. JUST, Hon. L. [Grandville], 12,13186-189.
MACPHERSON, Hon. DAVID. L. [Saugeen], 125149-152200201204283.
McCREA, Hon. WALTER [Western], 16[sic], 173277279.
MCMASTER, Hon. WILLIAM [Midland], 229-231.
MOORE, Hon. PHILIP H. [L], 83160162225-229.
OLIVIER, Hon. L.A. [De Lanaudière], 173-180189310-316.
PRICE, Hon. DAVID E. [Laurentides], 338-339.
READ, Hon. ROBERT [Quinté], 326-327.
REESOR, Hon. DAVID [King’s], 158161162163-167327328-333339-340.
ROSS, Hon. JOHN [L], 71-80160213270271280300-301327.
RYAN, Hon. THOMAS [Victoria], 333-338340.
SANBORN, Hon. JOHN S. [Wellington], 118-125222-225244-245.
SEYMOUR, Hon. BENJAMIN [L], 199-206298-300.
SIMPSON, Hon. JOHN [Queen’s], 160231- 234.
SKEAD, Hon. JAMES [Rideau], 242-244.
SPEAKER, The–Hon. U.J. TESSIER, [Gulf], 208317318328421.
TACHÉ, Hon. Col. Sir E.P. Receiver General and Minister of Militia [L], 1-117683175177210211234-242333342-346.
VIDAL, Hon. A. [St. Clair], 82-83301- 309346.



February 3.–Hon. Atty. Gen. MACDONALD moved that an Address be presented to HER MAJESTY, praying that a measure be submitted to Imperial Parliament, based on certain resolutions, 18. Hon. Mr. HOLTON objected that the motion was not in order, inasmuch as the Address should be founded on Resolutions originated in Committee of the Whole, 18. The SPEAKER ruled that the motion was in order, 19.

March 7.–Hon. Atty. Gen. MACDONALD moved the previous question, 703. Hon. Atty. Gen. CARTIER having moved the adjournment of the debate till the first sitting of the House, to-morrow, after routine business, Hon. Mr. HOLTON moved in amendment that the debate be adjourned till the 13th instant, and that an Address be presented to the Governor General, praying him to cause to be laid before the House, in the meantime, various information relating to the subjects embraced in the resolutions, 767. Objection being taken, the SPEAKER ruled the amendment out or order, 768. The SPEAKER’S decision appealed from, 768. Sustained on a division of 59 to 20. Hon. Mr. DORION moved in amendment that the debate be adjourned for one month, or until such time as the people of the Province should have an opportunity of constitutionally pronouncing their opinion, 769. Objection being taken, the SPEAKER ruled the amendment out of order, 770. Hon Mr. CARTIER’S motion agreed to, 770.

March 10.–Objection having been taken by Hon. Mr. HOLTON, the SPEAKER ruled that the motion for the “previous question” was in order, 893. The House divided on the motion for the “previous questions,” 962. Agreed to by 85 to 39. The House divided on the main motion, of the Hon. Atty. Gen. MACDONALD, 962. Agreed to by 91 to 33.

March 13.–Hon. Atty. Gen. MACDONALD moved that a Committee be appointed to draft an address founded on the resolutions, 962. Hon. J. H. CAMERON moved in amendment an Address to the Governor General, for an appeal to the people before the resolutions should be submitted to the Imperial Parliament for their final section, 962. Objection being taken, the SPEAKER ruled the amendment to be in order, 963. House divided on Mr. CAMERON’S amendment, 1020. Negatived by 84 to 35 Hon. Mr. HOLTON moved an amendment, that the measure should not go into operation, until approved by the Parliament of Canada, after the next general election, 1021. House divided on said amendment, 1025. Negatived by 79 to 31. Hon. JOHN SANDFIELD MACDONALD moved an amendment with reference to the subject of Education in Upper Canada, 1025. House divided on said amendment, 1026. Negatived by 95 to 8. Mr. BOURASSA moved an amendment that Roman Catholic minority of Upper Canada be placed on same footing as Protestant minority of Lower Canada, 1026. House divided on said amendment, 1027. Negatived by 85 to 20. Main motion agreed to on a division and Committee appointed, 1026. Draft Address, reported, 1027. Agreed to and ordered to be engrossed, 1032. Ordered that an Address be presented to the Governor General by the whole House, requesting him to transmit said Address to HER MAJESTY, 1032.

March 14.–The House waited on His Excellency with their Address to HER MAJESTY. His Excellency’s reply, 1032.

ALLEYN, Hon. CHAS. [Quebec West], 641642669-673.
ARCHAMBEAULT, Mr. LOUIS [L’Assomption], 544-545.
BEAUBIEN, Dr. J.O. [Montmagry], 351550-551.
BELLEROSE, Mr. J.H. [Laval], 476-482.
BIGGAR, Mr. JAMES L. [East Northumberland], 882-884.
BLANCHET, Dr. JOSEPH G. [Levis], 545-550.
BOURASSA, Mr. FRANCOIS [St. Johns], 1026.
BOWMAN, Mr. I.E. [North Waterloo], 803-805.
BROWN, Hon. GEORGE, President of the Council [South Oxford], 14, 84-115412450474476663664709-710711739752753754757758989-995.
BURWELL, Mr. L. [East Elgin], 447-448.
CAMERON, Hon. J.H. [Peel], 14662716962-9759951006.
CAMERON, Mr. M.C. [North Ontario], 448-463645681716-719744-747770975-986.
CARTIER, Hon. G.E., Attorney General East [Montreal East], 1953-62407408411412452, 5 0[sic], 540571576642692713-7157317708419329451022.
CARTWRIGHT, Mr. R.J. [Lennox and Addington], 820-825.
CAUCHON, Hon. J. [Montmorency], 15, 371393554-584695-702778.
CHAMBERS, Mr. F.H. [Brockville], 770-775.
COCKBURN, Hon. JAMES, Solicitor General West [West Northumberland], 810.
COWAN, Mr. JAMES [South Waterloo], 742957-958.
DENIS, Mr. PAUL [Beauharnois], 644871-880986.
DENIVERVILLE, Mr. C.B. [Three Rivers], 947-952.
DORION, Hon. A.A. [Hochelaga], 15245-269378379570571584654-657664682-695731-734767769944, 9479861021.
DORION, Mr. J.B.E. [Drummond and Arthabaska], 856-871929987.
DUFRESNE, Mr. JOSEPH [Montcalm], 554608922-9311017.
DUNKIN, Mr. CHRISTOPHER, [Brome], 19482-512512-544.
EVANTOREL, Hon. FRANCOIS, [Quebec County], 569576711-713943.
FERGUSON, Mr. THOS. R. [South Simcoe], 958-9611013-1015.
FORTIER, Mr. MOISE [Yamasaka], 941-943.
GAGNON, Mr. A. [Charlevoix], 952-953.
GALT, Hon. A.T., Minister of Finance, [Sherbrooke], 1962-71661662947.
GROFFRION, Mr. FÉLIX [Verchères], 389390580775-783.
GIBBS, Mr. THOMAS N. [South Ontario], 668810-814987-988.
HARWOOD, Mr. A. CHARTIER DE LOTBINIERE [Vaudreuil], 825-841.
HAULTAIN, Col. FREDERICK W. [Peterborough], 627-648.
HOLTON, Hon. L.H. [Chateauguay], 141718, 147-148394408411419440475660661664704-709725730731767768893937-944994996-99710071021.
HOWLAND, Hon. W.P. [West York], 766.
HUNTINGTON, Hon. LUCIUS S. [Shefford], 953-9571015-1017.
JACKSON, Mr. GEORGE [Grey], 884-889988.
JOLY, Mr. H.G. [Lotbinière], 346-362384392393679998-1000.
JONES, Mr. D.F. [South Leeds], 814-820.
LAFRAMBOISE, Hon. MAURICE, [Bagot], 742-744841-856.
LANGEVIN, Hon. H.L., Solicitor General East [Dorchester], 362-392579691781.
MACDONALD, Hon. J.A., Attorney General West, [Kingston], 1314161825-45648-650658665703705725-7309449621000-100710271031.
MACDONALD, Mr. JOHN, [Toronto West], 760-765766.
MACDONALD, Hon. J. SANDFIELD [Cornwall], 13251, 420421642650-654662663666667720-725734-7421008-10131025.
MACFARLANE, Mr. ROBERT [Perth], 1022-1024.
MACKENZIE, Mr. A., [Lambton], 421-43473876710091017-10181025.
MACKENZIE, Mr. HOPE F. [North Oxford], 673-6811009.
MAGILL, Mr. CHAS. [Hamilton], 997-998.
MCCONKEY, Mr. T.D. [North Simcoe], 889-893.
MCDOUGALL, Hon. WILLIAM, Provincial Secretary [North Lanark], 492538719-720985.
MCGEE, Hon. T. D’ARCY, Minister of Agriculture [Montreal West], 125-146, 643653669.
MCGIVERIN, Mr. W. [Lincoln], 464-475.
MCKELLAR, Mr. ARCHIBALD [Kent], 765-766.
MORRIS, Mr. ALEXANDER, [South Lanark], 434-446.
O’HALLORAN, Mr. JAMES [Missisquoi], 792-799.
PAQUET, Dr. A.H. [Berthier], 789-792.
PARKER, Dr. T.S. [North Wellington], 668936-9371018-1020.
PERRAULT, Mr. JOSEPH F. [Richelieu], 559585-626926.
POULIOT, Mr. J.B. [Temiscouata], 880-882.
POWELL, Mr. W.F. [Carleton], 715-716.
RANKIN, Col. ARTHUR [Essex], 657912-922.
REMILLARD, Mr. EDOUARD [Bellechasse], 783-789.
ROSE, Hon. JOHN [Montreal Centre], 394-419.
ROSS, Mr. JOHN J. [Champlain], 882.
ROSS, Mr. JOHN S. [Dundas], 799-803.
RYMALL, Mr. JOSEPH [South Wentworth], 932-9369931020.
SCATCHERD, Mr. THOS [West Middlesex], 747-760.
SCOBLE, Mr. JOHN [West Elgin], 852906-912.
SHANLY, Mr. WALTER [South Grenville899-906.
SMITH, Mr. ALEXANDER M. [Toronto East], 897-899.
SPEAKER, The Hon. LEWIS WALLBRIDGE [South Hastings], 19559664703, 7687708939631032.
STIRTON, Mr. DAVID [South Wellington], 738.
TASCHEREAU, Mr. HENRI E [Beauce], 893-897.
WALLBRIDGE, Mr. T.C. [North Hastings], 419657-660672.
WALSH, Mr. AQUILA [Norfolk], 805-810.
WEBB, Mr. WILLIAM H. [Richmond and Wolfe], 931-932.



His Excellency The Right Honorable CHARLES STANLEY, Viscount MONCK, Baron MONCK of Ballytrammon, in the County of Wexford, Governor General of British North America, and Captain General and Governor in Chief in and over the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Island of Prince Edward, and Vice Admiral of the same, &c., &c., &c.


Hon. Sir ETIENNE PASCAL TACHÉ, Receiver General, Minister of Militia, and Premier.
Hon. JOHN ALEXANDER MACDONALD, Attorney General West.
Hon. GEORGE ETIENNE CARTIER, Attorney General East.
Hon. ALEXANDER TILLOCH GALT, Minister of Finance.
Hon. ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, Commissioner of Crown Lands.
Hon. THOMAS D’ARCY MCGEE, Minister of Agriculture and Statistics.
Hon. JEAN CHARLES CHAPAIS, Commissioner of Public Works.
Hon. GEORGE BROWN, President Executive Council.
Hon. WILLIAM MCDOUGALL, Provincial Secretary.
Hon. WILLIAM PEARCE HOWLAND, Postmaster General.
Hon. HECTOR LOUIS LANGEVIN, Solicitor General East. 
Hon. JAMES COCKBURN, Solicitor General West.


The Honorable URLIC J. TESSIER, Speaker.

Residence. Names of Members.
Kingston Hon. John Hamilton.
Philipsburg Philip H. Moore.
London, C.W. George J. Goodhue.
Brockville James Morris.
Toronto James Gordon.
Montreal James Ferrier.
Perth Roderick Matheson.
Cobourg George S. Boulton.
Montmagny Sir Etienne P. Taché
Montreal James Leslie.
Montreal Frederick A. Quesnel.
Côteau du Lac. George Saveuse de Beaujeu.
Toronto John Ross.`
Hamilton Samuel Mills.
Quebec Louis Panet.
Quebec Sir Narcisse F. Belleau.
Montreal Charles Wilson.
Port Hope Benjamin Seymour.
Sorel David M. Armstrong.
Cobourg Ebenezer Perry.
Niagara Walter H. Dickson.


Electoral Divisions Names of Members.
Alma Hon. Joseph F. Armand.
Bathurst James Shaw.
Bedford A.B. Foster.
Brock A.J. Fergusson Blair.
Burlington Harcourt Burland Bull.
Cataraqui Alexander Campbell.
De La Durantaye Joseph Noel Bossé.
De Lanaudière L.A. Olivier.
De Lormier J.O. Bureau.
De Le Vallière J. Bte. G. Proulx.
De Salaberry Louis Rénaud.
Eastern Thomas Bennett.
Erie David Christie.
Gore George Alexander.
Grandville. Luc Letellier de St. Just.
Gulf Ulric Joseph Tessier.
Home James C. Aikins.
Inkerman John Hamilton.
Kennebec Charles Cormier.
King’s David Reesor.
La Salle Antoine J. Duchesnay.
Laurentides David Edward Price.
Lauzon Elzéar H.J. Duchesnay
Malahide E. Lenoard.
Midland Wm. McMaster.
Mille Isles Léandre Dumouchel.
Montarville Louis Lacoste.
Newcastle Asa A. Burnham.
Niagara James George Currie.
Queen’s John Simpson.
Quinté Robert Read.
Repentigny P. Urgel Archambault.
Rideau James Skead.
Rigaud East. Prud’homme, Jr
Rougemont William Henry Chaffers
Saugreen David L. Macpherson.
Saurel Jean Bte. Guévremont.
Shawenegan Charles Malhiot.
Stradacona Jean Elie Gingras.
St. Clair Alexander Vidal.
St. Lawrence George Crawford
Tecumseth Donald McDonald.
Thames Oliver Blake.
Trent Billa Flint.
Victoria Thomas Ryan
Wellington John Sewell Sanborn.
Western Walter McCrea.
York George William Allan.


THE Honorable LEWIS WALLBRIDGE, Speaker.


Constituencies. Names of Members.
Argenteuil Hon. John J. C.Abbott.
Bagot Hon. M. Laframboise.
Beauce Henri E. Tasehereau.
Beauharnois Paul Denis.
Bellechasse Edouard Rémillard.
Berthier Anselme H. Paquet.
Bonaventure Théodore Robitaille.
Brant (East Riding) John Young Bown.
Brant (West Riding) Edmund Burke Wood.
Brockville (Town.) Fitzwm. II. Chambers.
Brome Christopher Dunkin.
Carleton William Fred. Powell.
Chambly Charles Boucher de Boucherville.
Champlain John Jones Ross.
Charlevoix Adolphe Gagnon.
Chateauguay Hon. Luther H. Holton
Chicoutimi & Saguenay Pierre A. Tremblay.
Compton John Henry Pope.
Cornwall (Town) Hon. J. S. Macdonald.
Dorchester Hon. H. L. Langevin.
Drum’d & Arthabaska. Jean Bte. Eric Dorion.
Dundas John Sylvester Ross
Durham (East Riding) John Shuter Smith
Durham (West Riding) Henry Munro.
Elgin (East Riding.). Leonidas Burwell.
Elgin (West Riding.). John Scoble.
Essex Arthur Rankin.
Frontenac William Ferguson.
Gaspé John Le Boutillier.
Glengarry Donald A. Macdonald.
Grenville (South Riding) Walter Shanly.
Grey George Jackson.
Haldimand David Thompson.
Halton John White
Hamilton (City.) Charles Magill.
Hastings (North Riding) Thomas C. Wallbridge.
Hastings (South Riding) Hon. Lewis Wallbridge.
Hochelaga Hon. Antoine A.Dorion.
Huntingdon Robert B. Somerville.
Huron and Bruce James Dickson.
Iberville Alexandre Dufresne.
Jacques Cartier Guillaume G. Gaucher.
Joliette Hip.C. dit Grandchamp.
Kamouraska Hon. Jean C. Chapais.
Kent Archibald McKellar.
Kingston Hon. J. A. Macdonald.
Lambton Alexander Mackenzie.
Lanark (North Riding) Hon. Wm. McDougall.
Lanark (South Riding.) Alexander Morris.
Laprairie Alfred Pinsonneault.
L’Assomption Louis Archambeault
Laval Joseph H. Bellerose.
Leeds and Greenville (North Riding) Francis Jones.
Leeds (South Riding) David Ford Jones.
Lennox and Addington. Richard J. Cartwright.
Levis Jos. Goderic Blanchet.
Lincoln William McGiverin.
L’Islet Louis B. Caron.
London (City.) Hon. John Carling.
Lotbinière Henri Gustave July.
Maskinongé Moïse Houde.
Megantic George Irvine.
Middlesex (E. Riding.) Crowell Willson.
Middlesex (W. Riding.) Thomas Scatcherd.
Missisquoi James O’Halloran.
Montcalm Joseph Dufresne
Montmagny Jos. Octave Beaubien.
Montmorency Hon. Joseph Cauchon.
Montreal (City) Centre Hon. John Rose.
East Hon. Geo. B. Cartier.
West Hon. T. D’Arcy McGee.
Napierville S. Coupal dit La Reine.
Niagara (Town.) Angus Morrison.
Nicolet Joseph Gaudet.
Norfolk Aquila Walsh.
Northumberland (E.Riding.) James Lyon Biggar.
Northumberland (W. Riding) Hon. James Cockburn.
Ontario (North Riding) Matthew C. Cameron.
Ontario (South Riding) Thos. Nicholson Gibbs.
Ottawa (City) Joseph Merrill Currier.
Ottawa (County) Alonzo Wright.
Oxford (North Riding) Hope F, McKenzie.
Oxford (South Riding) Hon. George Brown
Peel Hon. John H. Cameron.
Perth Robert Macfarlane.
Peterborough Fred. Wm. Haultain.
Pontiac John Poupore.
Portneuf Jean Docile Brousseau.
Prescott Thomas Higginson.
Prince Edward Walter Ross.
Quebec (City) East Pierre Gabriel Huot.
Centre Hon. I. Thibaudeau.
West Hon. Charles Alleyn.
Quebec (County) Hon. F. Bvanturel.
Renfrew Robert Maclntyre.
Richmond and Wolfe William Hoste Webb
Richelieu Joseph F. Perrault.
Rimouski George Sylvain.
Rouville Joseph N. Poulin.
Russell Robert Bell.
St. Hyacinthe Rémi Raymond.
St. Johns François Bourassa.
St. Maurice Charles Lajoie.
Shefford Hon. L. S. Huntington.
Sherbrooke (Town) Hon. Alex. T. Galt.
Simcoe (North Riding) Thomas D. McConkey,
Simcoe (South Riding) Thomas R. Ferguson.
Soulanges William Duckett.
Stanstead Albert Knight.
Stormont Samuel Ault.
Témiscouata Jean Baptiste Pouliot.
Terrebonne Louis Labreche-Viger.
Three Rivers (City) Chas. B. De Niverville.
Toronto (City) East Alex. Mortimer Smith.
West John Macdonald.
Two Mountains Jean Baptiste Daoust.
Vaudreuil Antoine Chartier de Lotbinière Harwood.
Verchères Félix Geoffrion.
Victoria James Wicks Dunsford
Waterloo (N. Riding) Isaac Erb Bowman.
Waterloo (S. Riding) James Cowan.
Welland Thomas Clark Street.
Wellington (N. Riding) Thomaa S. Parker.
Wellington (S. Riding) David Stirton.
Wentworth (N. Riding) William Notman.
Wentworth (S. Riding) Joseph Rymal.
Yamaska Moïse Fortier.
York (East Riding) Amos Wright.
York (North, Riding) James Pearson Wells.
York (West Riding) Hon. Wm. P . Howland.

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