Constitutional Accord: Canadian Patriation Plan

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April 16, 1981.


WHEREAS Canada is a mature and independent country with a federal system of government,

AND WHEREAS the Parliament of the United Kingdom has retained, at the request of the Parliament of Canada and with the approval of the Provinces, residual power to amend certain parts of the British North America Acts upon receiving a proper request from Canada,

AND WHEREAS it is fitting and proper for the Constitution of Canada to be amendable in all respects by action taken wholly within Canada,

AND WHEREAS the full exercise of the sovereignty of Canada requires a Canadian amending procedure in keeping with the federal nature of Canada,

NOW THEREFORE, the Governments subscribing to this Accord agree as follows:

1. To patriate the Constitution of Canada by taking the necessary steps through the Parliament of Canada and the Legislatures of the Provinces;

2. To accept, as part of patriation, the amending formula attached to this Accord as the formula for making all future amendments to the Constitution of Canada;

3. To embark upon an intensive three-year period of constitutional renewal based on the new amending formula and without delay to determine an agenda following acceptance of this Accord; and

4. To discontinue court proceedings now pending in Canada relative to the proposed Joint Address on the Constitution now before Parliament.

The Canadian Patriation Plan is conditional upon the Government of Canada withdrawing the proposed Joint Address on the Constitution now before Parliament and subscribing to this Accord.

The Provinces of New Brunswick and Ontario and invited to sign this Accord.

Dated at Ottawa this 16th day of April, 1981.

Signed on behalf of the under-mentioned Governments, to be followed by ratification by the respective Legislatures or National Assembly.

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