Constitutional Conference, Briefing Paper, Other Business – Next Meeting and Future Work Programme (9 September 1970)

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Date: 1970-09-09
By: Secretariat of the Conference
Citation: Constitutional Conference, Briefing Paper, Other Business – Next Meeting and Future Work Programme, (9 September 1970).
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Second Working Session, Constitutional Conference

September, 1970


September 9, 1970.


A. Federal Objective in Discussion of this Subject

1. To maintain the momentum of the review.

2. To ensure that the next public session will attract public interest.

3. Perhaps to find future topics which will be of particular interest to the provinces.

B. Discussion Guide

1. Date of Next Meeting – Possibilities:

(a) December, 1970 (December 14, 15, 167)

– would best maintain momentum and accord with the intent expressed in the December, 1969 consensus to have a closed and an open session in 1970;

– would clearly permit a meeting in Ottawa.

(b) January-February; 1971

– January is not convenient for the Prime Minister;

– February is probably not convenient for the provinces.

(c) March-July, 1971

– would probably have to be in British Columbia. They have expressed a pre- ference for June, or at least sometime when their Legislature is not sitting;

– would be a period in which a further meeting could be held after a public session in Ottawa in December or per- haps February.

(d) After July, 1971

– to be avoided, if in British Columbia,

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as this would make the Constitutional Conference follow the Premiers’ meeting (scheduled for there in August).

2. Agenda of Next Meeting

(a) Capital Market.

(b) Environment.

(c) Other?

– possibly Mechanisms of Federal-Provinvical Relations (a subject listed in February, 1968); or, if after January, Transportation or the Canadian Common Market or possibly some other subject suggested by the provinces.

3. Location of Next Meeting and Mr. Bennett’s Invitation

– next meeting could be in Ottawa if in 1970 or perhaps February 1971.

– Mr. Bennett has invited the Conference to meet in B.C. in 1971. The Prime Minister has advised the Premiers of this by letter. All Premiers have replied favourably, except Messrs. Robarts and Schreyer who expressed mild reservations about meeting outside Ottawa. Whatever decision is taken about the next meeting, it will also be necessary to consider Mr. Bennett’s invitation. This invitation could be accepted, on the understanding that the Conference is not to make a practice of meeting in all provinces – this one being justified because of the special circumstance of a province’s centennial. Alternatively, the B.C. meeting could be a non-constitutional, federal-provincial conference. However, to make the impact desired the meeting should presumably be public, and public sessions are not normally held except in the Constitutional Conference. It could be agreed that a public session would be held in B.C. sometimes between March and July (inclusive).

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