Correspondence Between Attorney General of Saskatchewan and Deputy Attorney General of Canada (Department of Justice)

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REGINA, March 29, 1961.

The Honourable E.D. Fulton Q.C., P.C., M.P.,
Minister of Justice,
Department of Justice,
Ottawa, Ontario.

Dear Mr. Fulton:

Last Tuesday the Sasketchwan Legislature
unanimously passed the encolsed resolution dealing
with the subject of the amendment to the Consti-

I am enclosing this for your information.

Yours sincerely,

R.A. Walker
Attorney General.

That this Assembly:

(1) expresses the hope that agreement can be
reached among the provinces of Canada
and the Government of Canada whereby
complete power to amend the Constitution
of Canada may be rransferred to this

(2) believes that any amending procedure
which is adopted must be as flexible as
possible while protecting certain
fundamental matters from ready change,
and in particular that:

(a) among such fundamental matters should
be included provisions in the Consti-
tution relating to the use of the
English and the French language,
education, and the new amending
procedure, all of which should be
subject to alteration only by the
unanimous agreement of the provinces;

(b) a bill of rights should be added to
the Constitution and this should also
be amendable only by unanimous
provincial agreement;

(c) before the conference of Attorneys
General makes a final recommendation
to the provinces and to the Government
of Canada with respect to a new
amending procedure, the various
proposals which have been considered
by the conference should be made known
to the public, and members of the
public should be given an opportunity
to consider and discuss these proposals
and to present their views to a broadly
representative body established to study
such proposals;

(3) opposes the adoption of any new procedure
for amending the Constitution unless the
proposed amending procedure is approved
by the Government of Canada and all the


Ottawa, April 18, 1961.


Dear Mr. Walker:

This will acknowledge receipt of
your letter of March 29 to the Minister of
Justice enclosing a resolution passed by the
Legislature of Saskatchewan dealing with
the amendment to the Constitution, and copies
of the foregoing to me.

Yours truly,

“E.A. Driedger”

Deputy Attorney General.

R.A. Walker, Esq., Q.C.,
Attorney General of Saskatchewan,
Department of the Attorney General,
Regina, Saskatchewan.

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