Letter from Premier W.R. Bennett to Prime Minister Trudeau (17 October 1978).

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Date: 1978-10-17
By: Premier W.R. Bennett
Citation: Letter from Premier W.R. Bennett to Prime Minister Trudeau (17 October 1978).
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The Right Honourable Pierre E. Trudeau C 0,‘: Ci, ::;’_‘r_a:
Prime Minister of Canada . ‘ “*5“R3 cg {:4£U5ZuJ
Ottawa, Ontario ‘

My Dear Prime Minister: ggiélk 4 %

On behalf of the Government of British Columbia I have madeflyalfin,
public today comprehensive proposals for changes to the

Constitution of Canada.

I knew that you would wish to have a set of these proposals
which I am forwarding herewith to al the Provincial Premiers.

mA3’YLL5 .$§§.
You will see that these proposals address the main issues of
Constitutional Review, namely the Central Institution of
Federalism, the Division of Powers, the question of Fundamental
Rights and Language Rights and the subject of the Amending
Formula and Patriation of the Constitution.

These proposals, developed over the course of the past year,
are put forward in the hope that they might provide creative
and yet realistic solutions to some of the problems with which
we are faced as a nation at the present time.

My Government would appreciate the opportunity of discussing
these proposals with you after you have had an opportunity
to study them. I will have either my Minister Responsible
for Constitutional Review, The Honourable K. Rafe Mair or
my Deputy Minister on Constitutional Affairs, Mr. Mel Smith,
Contact your office shortly so that arrangements for an
appropriate meeting can be made with your Ministers or
Officials in your Capital if you so desire.

Yours sincerely,

.._Premier of British Columbia

Parliament Buildings; Victoria, British Columbia \/8\/ 4R3 ‘K’

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