Despatch from Cecil Graham to Hon. Samuel Leonard Tilley (31 July 1866)

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Date: 1866-07-31
By: Cecil Graham
Citation: Despatch from Cecil Graham to Hon. Samuel Leonard Tilley (31 July 1866) in Journal of the Legislative Council of the Province of New Brunswick (1867).
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July 31st, 1866.

SIR,—I am directed by Lord Carnarvon to inform you, that immediately after your interview of yesterday, he telegraphed to the Officer-Administering Canada, enquiring whether the Delegates from that Province had already started for Europe. No answer has yet been received, and owing to the intermission in the wire between Newfoundland and the main land, no immediate answer can be counted on.

As furthermore the Canadian Delegates have not yet been reported by telegram as having passed Londonderry, we cannot in any event expect to see them in London before the end of this week.

Under these circumstances, Lord Carnarvon, after much consideration, finds it impossible to hold out any hope of proposing any measure to Parliament during the very short remnant of the Session.

Lord Carnarvon wishes me to add, that such must be the answer which he will be obliged to make to-night in the House of Lords to a question of which notice has-been given, as to the steps which he proposed to take with regard to Confederation.

Should you, Sir, or any of the gentlemen who are with you, wish to be present in the House of Lords to-night, Lord Carnarvon will have the greatest pleasure in introducing you. He has also written to request that places may be provided for you in the House of Commons.

I have, &c.      (Signed)          CECIL C. GRAHAM .

The Hon. S. L. TILLEY.

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