[Despatch?] from Charles Tupper and Samuel Leonard Tilley (22 September 1866)

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Date: 1866-09-22
By: Charles Tupper, Samuel Leonard Tilley
Citation: Despatch from Charles Tupper and Samuel Leonard Tilley (22 September 1866) in Journal of the Legislative Council of the Province of New Brunswick (1867).
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At a Meeting of the Delegates from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, held at the Alexandra Hotel, London, on the 22nd day of September, 1866, all being present except the Honorable Mr. Wilmot, it was unanimously resolved, that inasmuch as the co-operation of Prince Edward “Island, though not indespensable to a Union of the other British North American Provinces, is on many accounts very desirable, and as the settlement of the Land question, which has so long and so injuriously agitated that Colony, would be attended with great benefit, and at the same time “place the Local Government of the Island, by the possession of the Proprietary lands, more on a footing with the other Provinces, which have “Crown Lands and Minerals as a source of local Revenue; therefore

“Resolved, That in case the Legislature of the Island should authorize the appointment of Delegates to act in conjunction with those from the other Provinces, in arranging a plan of co-operation prior to the meeting of the Imperial Parliament, the Delegates from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are hereby pledged to support the policy of providing such au amount as may be necessary for the purchase of the proprietary rights, but not to exceed eight hundred thousand dollars, ($800,000).”


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