Despatch from Lieutenant Governor Anthony Musgrave to Viscount Monck (21 March 1866)

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Date: 1866-03-21
By: Anthony Musgrave
Citation: Despatch from Lieutenant Governor Anthony Musgrave to Viscount Monck (21 March 1866). “RETURN To an Address of the Honorable the Legislative Assembly, of the 12th June, 1866, asking for Correspondence relative to the Union of the North American Provinces” in Sessional Papers (1866).
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21st March, 1866.

I have had the honor to receive Your Lordship’s despatch of the 5th instant, acknowledging mine of the 19th of February—No. 109-with the copy of my Speech at the opening of the Legislative Session, and the replies of the Council and Assembly.

2. Some days after the date of that despatch, Mr. Hogsett gave notice of motion for a Committee of the whole House on the subject of Confederation, and of his intention to move the Resolutions which I enclose, of which the adoption would, of course, have been tantamount to entire rejection of the proposal of union.

When the motion of Mr. Hogsett came on for discussion, the Attorney General, therefore, introduced the Amendment, which I also enclose, which was passed by a vote of seventeen to seven.

For my own part I am tolerably well satisfied with the present position of the matter.

It is much to have so decided a refusal to pronounce against the union. In this, I think, it may be regarded that we have virtually a concession of the principle, and if the other Provinces consent to the union, I have little doubt that it will only remain for us to settle the terms on which Newfoundland shall unite in the measure.

But, meanwhile, I think there might be the risk of losing ground already gained, by pressing for further steps in this Government before we learn that something has been accomplished in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

I have the honor to be, my Lord,
Your Lordship’s most obedient humble servant,
(Signed,) A. MUSGRAVE.

His Excellency
The Right Honorable Viscount Monck.

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