Despatch from Lieutenant Governor George Dundas to Viscount Monck (9 January 1865)

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Date: 1865-01-09
By: George Dundas
Citation: Despatch from Lieutenant Governor George Dundas to Viscount Monck (9 January 1865) in Prince Edward Island, Journal of the House of Assembly of Prince Edward Island, Appendix E (1865).
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9th January, 1865.

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt, on the 7th instant, of your Lordship’s Despatch of the 23rd ultimo, transmitting copy of a Despatch from the Secretary of State for the Colonies, on the subject of the Resolutions adopted by the Conference which recently assembled at Quebec, to consider the propriety of effecting a Union of the Provinces of British North America.

I have, in accordance with your request, consulted my advisers on the subject. It will be inconvenient for local reasons that I should summon the Legislature of this Province before the 28th of February; but I am prepared to do so, if your Lordship is desirous of obtaining sooner the decision of this Legislature on this important subject.

At the opening of the Legislature, I propose to bring the project of the Conference before  both Houses, and to invite them to give their calm and dispassionate consideration to a subject of such manifest interest and importance to the future welfare of the Colony.

My ministers are anxious to meet, so far as they can, the wishes of Her Majesty’s Government, and of your Lordship, as to the time of submitting this matter to the Legislature. And if the 28th February appears to your Lordship to be inconveniently late, I shall be glad if you will inform me of the latest date which will meet with your Lordship’s approval.

I have, &c., &c.,
(Signed)          GEORGE DUNDAS,
Lieut. Governor.

The Right Honorable
Viscount Monck.

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