Despatch from Lord Monck to Sir Richard Graves Macdonell (23 December 1864)

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Date: 1864-12-23
By: Lord Monck
Citation: Despatch from Lord Monck to Sir Richard Graves Macdonell (23 December 1864) in Journal and Proceedings of the House of Assembly of the Province of Nova Scotia, Appendix No. 3—Union of the Colonies (1865).
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Government House, Quebec, 23rd December, 1864.


Referring to my Despatches to you noted in the margin, I have the honor, to transmit for your information a Copy of a Despatch from the Secretary of State for the Colonies in reference to’ the resolutions adopted by the Conference which assembled at Quebec in October last to consider the propriety of effecting a Union of the Provinces of British North America.

In this despatch Mr. Cardwell desires me “to take immediate measures in concert with the Lieut. Governors of the several Provinces for submitting to their respective Legislatures this project of the Conference.”

In pursuance of these instructions I have the honor to inform you that I have summoned the Canadian Parliament to meet on Thursday the 19th January, 1865, when I propose to bring before both Houses of the Legislature the important subject referred to in Mr. Cardwell’s Despatch, in order that, if the Legislature shall think fit, an Address may be adopted to the Queen, praying Her Majesty to direct that steps may be taken for passing an Act of the Imperial Parliament to unite the Provinces of British North America on the basis laid down in the resolutions adopted by the. Quebec Conference.

I shall feel much obliged if, after consulting your advisers on the subject, you will inform me what course you intend to pursue for the purpose of giving effect to Mr. Cardwell’s instruction.

                                                            I have, &c.,

(Signed)          MONCK.

Lieutenant Governor Sir RICHARD GRAVES MACDONNELL, C. B.

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