Despatch from the Duke of Newcastle to Lieutenant Governor Arthur Gordon, No. 3 (24 January 1863)

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Date: 1863-01-24
By: Duke of Newcastle
Citation: Despatch from the Duke of Newcastle to Lieutenant Governor Arthur Gordon (24 January 1863), No. 3 in UK, HC, Return to an Address of the Honourable The House of Commons, dated 30 June 1864; for Copy of Correspondence between any of the North American Provinces and the Imperial Government, relating to their Application for Assistance in raising a Loan for an International Railway (1864).
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Downing-street, 24 January 1863.     


I HAVE to request that you will acquaint Mr. Tilley that his letter of the 5th* instant, addressed to Sir Frederic Rogers, on the subject of the Treasury Minute on the proposed loan for the construction of the Inter-colonial Railway, has been received in this department, and I enclose a copy of a memorandum which I have received from the Secretary to the Treasury on the points raised by Mr. Tilley respecting the mode of raising the loan, and the priority of charge on the Colonial Revenues, which I trust will be satisfactory to him.

Mr. Tilley will doubtless communicate this information to his colleague, Mr. Howe. I have therefore not sent a copy of this paper to Lord Mulgrave.

I have, &c.                 

(signed)           Newcastle

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