Discussions with Premiers Re: “Patriation” of Constitution – Manitoba – Premier Schreyer

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Manitoba – Premier Schreyer – May 15th, 1975

Lunch Meeting attended by Premier Schreyer; A.G. Pauley; Prof. Dale Gibson; Derek Bedson; Carter and self.

– outlined P.M.’s proposal; uncertainties re Quebec position re “constitutional guarantees”

points raised by Schreyer et al:

1. Some concern re Victoria formula in application to economic policy or resource matters (OK re things of “cultural” kind)

– appeared to be based on some worry that B.C. might move to alter provincial ownership of resources and that Ontario might take a similar view.

– did not press point very hard.

– I made point that, if departed from the Victoria formula we would be “in the void”.

(Did not raise question re “whole or part” of Part IX. )

2. Gibson raised question as to what covered by Article 50 (“one or more, but not all”). Referred to provisions re education.??

– said not defined or at all clear

– doubted if I could clarify without getting into great difficulty.

3. Not very happy with “veto” for Quebec and Ontario in Part IX, but some comfort that no province named. Also not happy re possible B.C. “veto” under “majority of population” provision re western provinces.

At End– Schreyer agreed that I could say that Manitoba “would not object” to proceeding to patriation on the basis of the Victoria formula.

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– Manitoba had agreed to formula and would be prepared to see it accepted.

– asked that we let know what results of talks with Quebec, Alberta and Ontario. (I had mentioned them as first round.)

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