Discussions with Premiers Re: “Patriation” of Constitution – Ontario – Premier Davis

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Ontario – Premier Davis – May 20th, 1975

Meeting with Premier Davis, Jim Fleck, Carter and self.
Davis’ office – called for 10:00, began about 10:40.

Points by Davis

(1) Would like to see “patriation” accomplished.

(2) Victoria Part IX OK with him. He did not make any reference to full or partial Part IX.

(3) Possibly something re Supreme Court – very tentative. I then mentioned that Premier Lougheed had been quite insistent on including Part IV re the S.C. This appeared to add to Davis’ interest, but not very greatly.

(4) He asked me, when I see “Robert” (Bourassa) to tell him that, while he (Davis) would like to see it possible to get the constitution “patriated”, he would not see Quebec “isolated” again.

The message seemed to be clear that, if Que. could not go along, Ont. would not “agree” either.

Early in the discussions I told Davis of the sequence – call to Que.; to him; Visits to Schreyer and Lougheed. Said I planned to call Que. to try to see Bourassa this week or next. If not, to go to one or two Maritime premiers.

Also told officials at meeting at 11:15 of sequence. Had good discussion with them. Query re desirability of a conference of First Ministers before action.

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