“Excursion to the Lower Provinces”, The Globe (5 August 1864)

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Date: 1864-08-05
By: The Globe
Citation: “Excursion to the Lower Provinces”, The Globe [Toronto] (5 August 1864).
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Excursion to the Lower Provinces.






PORTLAND, August 4.

This afternoon at two o’clock, city members of the Canadian Parliament—eighteen belonging to the Upper, and thirty-two to the Lower House—and nineteen members of the Provincial press, met in the parlour of the United States Hotel, in this city, and were there presented by the Hon. Messrs. Ferrier and McGee, to James A. Harding, Esq., High Sheriff of the city and county of St. John, New Brunswick, and to Lachlan Donaldson, Esq., of St. John, deputed by the people of St. John to welcome the members of the Canadian Parliamentary excursion to New Brunswick. The following gentlemen were present:—

MEMBERS OF THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL.— Hon. Sir N.F. Bellean, Hon. Messrs. Blake, Boulton, Burnham, Bureau, Chaffers, Ferrier, Foster, Leonard, McCrea, Mills, Moore, Pronix, Read, Reesor, Sanborn, and Vidal.

MEMBERS OF THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.— Messrs, Archambault, Ault, Bell (Lanark), Bellerose, Beaubien, Burwell, Chambers, Cowan, Alexander Dufresne, William Fergusin, Fortier, Gagnon, Francis Jones, Ford Jones, McConkey, McGee, McKellar, Munro, Perrault, Poulin, Poupore, Powell, Rose, J.S. Ross, Scatchard, J.S. Smith, Taschereau, T.C. Wallbridge, Walsh, Webb, and A. Wright.

MEMBERS OF THE PRESS.— Messrs E.G. Penny, Montreal Herald; B. Chamberlin, Montreal Gazette; — Duvernay, Montreal Minerve; J.W. Miller, Montreal Telegraph; William Ferguson, Kingston Whig; C.J. Harcourt, Toronto Globe; C. Belford, Toronto Leader; M. Coldwell, London Prototype; A.F. Tyner, Hamilton Times; R.N Law, Hamilton Spectator; J.T. Dawson, Quebec Gazette; — O’Brien, Quebec Canadien; G.J. Barthe, Sorel Gazette; — Columbia, La France, Paris; D. Wylie, Brockville Recorder; Alexander Begg, Quebec Mercury; G.H. Macauly, Journal de Quebec.

OTHER GUESTS — Judge Maguire; F.G. Johnson, Q.C.; Mayor Daintry, of Cobourg; Louis Renaud, jun.; Rev. J. Ellegood, J. Hall, jun., the Mayor of Sherbrooke, F.D. Fulford, L.A. Grenier, J. Daintry, jun., Dr Beatty, J. Sache, E. Rawling, Dr. Hingston, T. Lacoste, A.M. Delisle, Dr. Macdonell, Charles E. Bell, N.P.; W.H. Himsworth, W.B. Lindsay, Adolphe Caron, Herbert Swift, John Thompson, Hugh McGill, Henry Judah, J.H. Daley, J. O’Neill, H. King, P. McFarlane, Rev. John Nevin, Andrew Robertson, Q.C.; John Duggan, Q.C.; Sheriff Hull, of Peterboro’; W.J. Wood, and Dr. Murphy.

The exact programme to be pursued has not yet been fully decided upon. The excursionists will start at five o’clock this evening for St. John, where it is expected they will arrive by two o’clock to-morrow afternoon. It is intended by the people of St. John to give their guests a public reception on their arrival. Saturday will be devoted to sight-seeing; Sunday, of course, to prayers; and Monday to a trip up the river St. John to Fredericton, the capital of the Province. Shediac will also be visited. The party is to be delivered over safe and sound to the Nova Scotia people by Friday of next week at the latest date. The weather here is bright and warm.

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