First Ministers Constitutional Conference — First Ministers’ Letter on the Proposed “Federal White Paper on Taxation”

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The Premiers and Ministers attending Provincial Constitutional Conference from British Columbia, Alberta, and Sakatchewan met today to discuss the proposed Fedaral White Papar on Taxation”.

It was agreed that while some provisions of the paper ware desirable, the overall impact of the document would be completely unacceptable to the three Western Provinces.

The three Western Premiers welcomed the increased exemptions for those in the low income groups.

However the tax inereases proposed to those in the middle income category, the measure that will seriously affect the expansion of small business and resource indus tries, the discouragement of incentives and investment capital can only be deplored.

The three Western Premiers contended that the White Paper in its present form would promote unemployment, and hurt the eqenomy af Western Canada generally.


Premier W.A.C. Bennett
British Columbia

Premier H. Strom

Premier W.R. Thatcher

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