“From Montreal. Movements of the Governor-General”, The Globe (6 July 1864)

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Date: 1864-07-06
By: The Globe
Citation: “From Montreal. Movements of the Governor-General”, The Globe [Toronto] (6 July 1864).
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(Special Telegraph to the Globe.)

MONTREAL, July 5, 1864.

His Excellency the Governor General and family arrived here last night. He was received at the Bonaventure Station by Maj. Get. The Hon. J. Lindsay and staff, and a guard of honour.

This morning His Excellency was present at a review of the Grenadier Guards, and witnessed the ceremony of trooping the colours. This afternoon he went to Monklands convent to witness an examination of the pupils there.

To-morrow His Excellency will review the whole of the regular troops in garrison.

The settlement with the wounded by the Grand Trunk accident, now in the Hospital, takes place to-day, in the presence of the representatives of the national societies. A clerk of the Grand Trunk and a Government employee are said to be compromising with some of the sufferers without authority. The German Society makes grave complaint of injustice to the injured.


Yesterday’s Gazette, speaking to the movements of His Excellency, previous to his arrival in Montreal, says:—

His Excellency the Governor General left Captain Rawson’s , Lennoxville, early on Saturday last, and proceeded via Compton and West Hatley to Georgeville, whence he crossed the lake to Owl’s Head, where he spent that night and Sunday, and Sunday night. Early on Monday morning he sailed down the lake to Newport, where our American cousins fraternized and did the amiable. Thence he proceeded to Stanstead village, where he and the vice-regal party were entertained at luncheon by A. Knight, Esq., the county member, who afterwards drove them to Coaticook, where they took the train and reached town about nine o’clock last evening.


The Ottawa Citizen says:—

His Excellency the Governor General arrived at Lennoxville on Thursday night with Lady Monck, [Illegible], Hon. Colonel Monck and lady, the party being accompanied by Hon. Messrs. Galt and McGee, and Captain Pemberton, A.D.C. They were received at the station by a guard of honour from the College Rifles, and His Worship the Mayor and Council of Ascot, who presented an address, to which the Governor replied. The Chancellor and Convocation of Bishop’s College also presented an address, after which His Excellency proceeded to Captain Rawson’s residence, where he, with his suite, were entertained. A torchlight procession was got up in the evening Divine service was held at ten a.m. on Friday. Lunch was taken at 2 p.m., and the Covocation opened at 8 p.m., Chancellor McCord presiding. There were present the Governor General and family, His Lordship the Metropolitan and the Bishop of Quebec; Hon. Messrs. Galt, McGee, and John Young; the members of Covocation and a large number of the Clergy of the District of Quebec and Montreal. The honorary degrees of D.C.L. and M.A. were conferred on Lord Monck and Dr. Smallwood, and M.A. on Rev. G.C. Giving and Mr. R.A. Leach; B.A. on Messrs. E. Fessendon and D.R. McCord. Speeches were made by Hon. Messrs. McGee, Galt and Lord Monck. His Excellency’s address were eloquent and received great applause. Cheers were given for the Governor General and lady. The prizes were distributed to the junior classes at 8 p.m. The Governor left on Saturday for Memphremagog. He was to return to Coaticook, and proceed thence to Montreal yesterday. It is expected he will then visit Ottawa for the purpose of inspecting Rideau Hall—his future residence. Certain additions and improvements have been recommended to be made in the building by the officials of the Board of Works, and it is understood that He Excellency desires to make a personal examination on the premises before the work is commenced.

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