“From Ottawa”, The Globe (16 June 1866)

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Date: 1866-06-16
By: The Globe
Citation: “From Ottawa”, The Globe (16 June 1866).
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Mr. Brown’s Explanations.—New Volunteer Companies at Montreal.—Dr. Ryerson.—Trade Commissioners’ Report.

OTTAWA, Friday, June 15 .

Hon. Mr Brown made his explanations this afternoon. There was a large audience in the galleries, who listened with deep interest. The ex-minister and ministers were most courteous to each other. Mr. Brown impressed every one by the sincerity of his manner. His objections to Legislative Reciprocity as against a Treaty, and his position that the Confederate Council—a body representing all the provinces—should have conducted the negotiation with the United States, were put with great force.

Resolutions forming the local constitutions are drafted, and will be discussed to-morrow in the Executive Council. It is believed that all the ministers will speedily agree upon them, and submit them immediately after to parliament.

Several new Companies are gazetted at Montreal, under the provisions of the 51st clause of the Militia Act. The Government in that case does not furnish the clothing. Ten Companies are to be under the command of Mr. Ferrier, five under Mr. Chauveau, and six more under Mr. Redpath, thus constituting three new battalions in Montreal. The Chicago Company at Toronto is organized under the 52st clause likewise.

Rev. Dr. Ryerson arrived here this evening from Montreal.

The Report of the Trade Commissioners will soon be brought down.

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