“Latest From Ottawa”, The Globe (18 June 1866)

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Date: 1866-06-18
By: The Globe
Citation: “Latest From Ottawa”, The Globe (18 June 1866).
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Volunteers to be Withdrawn from Frontier—Losses by the Fenian Raids—The Local Constitution—Pointe au Pelee Island—Shrievalty of Sorel—Deputy Judgeship of Huron and Bruce—Insolvents—Central Railway.

OTTAWA, June 16.

The Government had decided to recall from the frontier service a large portion of the volunteer force. This action is taken with a due regard to the public safety, as well as from motives of economy. Should circumstances require it, the Government is fully confident that our volunteers will respond with alacrity.

The Government has decided to issue a commission to take evidence, and report upon all claims for compensation arising out of the Fenisn raids at Pigeon Hill, Frelighsburg, and the surrounding country, in the county of Missisquoi. It is certainly desirable that the losses should be estimated at once and voted by the present Parliament.

It is stated that the Government has made some advance in the preparation of the Bill establishing the Local Constitutions of Upper and Lower Canada.

The Executive Council have passed at order for the improving of the Indian title of the McCormick family to Pointe at Pelee Island, in Lake Erie, by patent, in accordance with their petition.

Michael Mathew, Esq., of Sorel, has been appointed Sheriff of the District of Richelieu, in the place of P. R. Chevallier, Esq., resigned.

Isaac Francis Toms, Esq., Barrister, has been appointed Deputy Judge for the United Counties of Huron and Bruce.

The Gazette, to-day, contains a large number of orders accepting new companies and drill associations in both sections of the Province.

The following insolvents are gazetted to-day:—S. M. Gilmore, Belleville, and Hiran Weeks, Owen Sound.
It appears that Mr. John Hillyard Cameron is to take charge of the Canada Centre Railway Bill. Petitions in support of it as expected from the County Councils of Pe[…] and Grey, as well as from township municipalities. Mr. Fowler has gone to work actively to lobby for the Bill, in his usual sa[…]guine manner.

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