“Latest from Quebec. The Federation Question”, The Globe (9 August 1864)

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Date: 1864-08-09
By: The Globe
Citation: “Latest from Globe. The Federation Question”, The Globe [Toronto] (9 August 1864).
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Latest from Quebec.






The York Roads—The Counties Council Offer Refused.






The Lower Canada Reformatory Burned.






Quebec, August 8.

Meetings of the Cabinet are held daily, and I hear that much business is being disposed of. All the members of the Government are present in the city, except Mr. McGee, who has gone to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with the excursionists, and Mr. Galt, who has gone to New York on public business. It is rumoured that despatches have been received from all three of the Maritime Provinces, expressing the gratification which it will afford them to meet unofficially a deputation from the Canadian Government for the purpose of discussing the question of a federation of the British American Provinces. It is also rumoured that the whole question has engaged the serious attention of the Canadian Cabinet since it assembled last week with most satisfactory results, and that Mr. Cartier, Mr. Brown, Mr. John A. Macdonald, and Mr. Galt have been deputed to represent Canada at the approaching conference at Charlottetown.

Great anxiety exists here as to the removal of the Seat of Government to Ottawa—a portion of the Government employees having secured houses at Ottawa, and others refusing to do so under the belief that no removal will take place this year. I feel persuaded, however, that the removal will take place this fall, if it is practicable.

The offer by the York and Peel Counties Council of $50,000 for the York Roads has been refused as greatly below the value of the property. The offer of the Government to sell the roads to the Counties on the valuation of disinterested arbitrators is still open, but if it not accepted, the roads will be sold by public tender. The County Council of Wentworth not having accepted the offer of the Government to sell the Hamilton and Port Dover Road to the County, that road will be offered for sale by public tender immediately.

I hear that a survey of the harbours of the county of Bruce has been ordered, with a view to providing safe refuge for shipping on Lake Huron. There has long been much need of this, and no delay should be allowed in the prosecution of the survey.

The revenue returns for the present year are thus far highly satisfactory—Mr. Galt’s estimates having been considerably exceeded.

The contract for supplying the public buildings at Ottawa with gas is to be offered to public tender forthwith.

The Hon. John Simpson, of Niagra, has been appointed Assistant Auditor of the Province, and charged with important duties created by the Audit Bill of last session. I hear that the whole system of auditing the public accounts is being rapidly placed on a greatly improved footing, and that much loose and wasteful expenditure will be prevented hereafter.

I see that the Ottawa contractors and architects have been about town for some days, from which I conclude that their old disputed claims are being discussed with a view to a final settlement.

The Lower Canadian Reformatory Prison was burned down yesterday, but fortunately all the inmates were saved.

The death of old Mr. Baby here excites much feeling. He was a most energetic, enterprising man, who had seen very many vicissitudes in his career, and his liberality and war,-heartedness endeared him to many persons. His death, which was from disease of the heart, was very sudden.

Cacouna and Tadousac are becoming most fashionable watering places. Every house is crowded at both places.

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