Letter from John A. Macdonald [Re: Senate Appointment of Peter McLaren] to Mr. Jos. O’Reilly & John Haggart (10 April 1873)

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Date: 1837-04-10
By: John A Macdonald
Citation: Letter from John A. Macdonald to Mr. Jos. O’Reilly & John Haggart (10 April 1873).
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April 10th, 1873

My dear Sirs,

I have to acknowledge your letter of yesterday recommending Mr. Peter McLaren of Perth for a seat in the Senate in case of a vacancy.

Although I have but a slight personal acquaintance with Mr. McLaren, I know him well by reputation. Lieut Governor Morris, as well as yourselves, has spoken to me in such very high terms of Mr. McLaren that I almost fancy I know him well. It would afford me great pleasure to recommend him for a seat in the Senate,—where he would I have no doubt make himself especially useful as a representative of Eastern Ontario, —at an early day, if the hands of the Government had not been tied in the manner I mentioned to you.

In 1866, when the Resolutions for Confederation were carried in the Legislature of the old Province of Canada, the Government promised that the Senate should be selected, in the first place, from the Legislative Council of that Province.

It was further agreed that, as all the Legislative Councillors could not be at once put into the Senate, whenever vacancies took place by death or resignation the remaining Legislative Councillors should have the first claim. There are still two Legislative Councillors waiting for appointments in the Senate. As soon as these cases are provides for, the Government will be at liberty to make their selections as they please.

On any Conservative Government Mr. McLaren will have a strong claim for consideration; a claim which I for one will always be glad to acknowledge.

Believe me

Yours faithfully,

John A. Macdonald

Jos. O’Reilly, Esq M.P.


John Haggart Esq M.P.

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