Letter from Mr. A.E. Blakeney to Prof. Frank R. Scott (12 February 1965)

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Date: 1965-02-12
By: A.E. Blakeney
Citation: Letter from Mr. A.E. Blakeney to Prof. Frank R. Scott (12 February 1965).
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Province of Saskatchewan


Regina, Sask.
February 12, 1965.

Prof. Frank R. Scott,
451 Clarke Ave.,

Dear Frank:

We have had presented to our Legislature a resolution
asking the Legislature to approve of the draft of an Act to
amend the Canadian Constituion contained in the Federal White
Paper entitled “An Act to Provide for the Amendment in Canada
of the Constitution of Canada” and to recommend to the Govern-
ment of Canada that the Act be submitted to the House of Commons
or the Senate to hold public hearings.

I enclose herewith a copy of our Orders of the Day with
the motion marked.

I wonder whether you can let us have any thoughts which
you might have on the proposed Act. As I see it, it is the old
Fulton formula which we opposed at Ottawa made a little worse
by the Favreau changes. Accordingly, our previous objections
are still valid. It occurred to me, however, that you may have
some additional thoughts which you would wish to offer.

I heard a radio broadcast some time ago in which Eugene
Forsey expressed approval of the Favreau formula. This sur-
prised me. perhaps I do not know Dr. Forsey well enough to put
an appropriate value on his point of view. If you know his
argument, and if you have any comment upon it, we would appreciate
receing your comment.

Anything you could do to assist us would be appreciated.
I expect that the other New Democratic groups in Provincial
Legislatures across Canada would equally appreciate your comments.

Best personal regards.

Yours sincerely,

A.E. Blakeney

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