Letter from Samuel Tilley to Alexander Galt (10 November 1864)

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Date: 1864-11-10
By: Samuel Tilley
Citation: Letter from Samuel L. Tilley to Alexander T. Galt (10 November 1864), at the Library and Archives Canada, MG26-A, Vol. 51, 19943-19944.
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Quebec, Nov 10 1864

By Telegraph from St. John NB

To A T Galt

Formerly we collected stumpage in words expense so great we passed Law collecting at Port of Shipment one shilling thousand feet in lieu of stumpage. This yields better return in more satisfactory retaining as we do the Proceeds of our crown Lands and minerals as was necessary. That in New Brunswick the Local Government should have the power of imposing the same duty on collecting the stumpage in the same manner.

I thought the authority was confined to New Brunswick to meet this case but see that by the resolution it is general—you will recollect we urged the concession for above reasons. There can be no objection to *conferring it to our Province as far as Lumber is concerned to Nova Scotia + New Brunswick in relation to minerals. I think the conference so intended it.

S L Tilley
133 a240
*probably confining

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