Letter from F.R. Scott to A.S. Trotter, Esq. (29 September 1936)

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Date: 1936-06-13
By: F.R. Scott
Citation: Letter from F.R. Scott to A.S. Trotter, Esq. (13 June 1936).
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June 13th, 1936.

A.S. Trotter, Esq.,
2633 Columbia Street,
Vancouver, B.C.

Dear Mr. Trotter,

I have your letter on June 6th. I presume that by now you have seen my letter to Harold Winch, and also the draft programme which we compiled at his sug- gestion. This will round out the ideas that I put in my earlier letter to you.

You will note that we are very firm in our opposition to the new monetary ideas. When the Dominion takes over the banking system, a planned currency and credit policy will be possible, but until then all half-baked attempts to issue new forms of money in a province are a deviation from the true path of socialism. It amuses us to think that your financial reformers are considered to be “left” wing; down here we have always thought of such people as being essentially reactionary if not fascist! The mere fact that they defend their policies by the argument that they intend to “free the government from the financiers” is hardly proof of radicalism. The same appeal is found in every fascist movement. Surely the only test of radical policy is whether or not it will effectively achieve your desired object of making possible the transition to socialism, and by this test we are convinced that all types of money reformers, social credit or otherwise, will turn out to be obstacles to progress however good their intentions may be.

Yours sincerely,

F.R. Scott.

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