Memorandum from R.G. Robertson [Patriation of the constitution: discussion with Mr.Bourassa] to Mr. Carter (23 May 1975)

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Date: 1975-05-23
By: Barbara Reed
Citation: Memorandum from R.G. Robertson to Mr. Carter (23 May 1975).
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May 23, 1975.


Patriation of the constitution: discussion
with Mr.Bourassa

I had a telephone call from Julien Chouinard this morning to say that tentatively Mr.Bourassa is proposing Wednesday next, May 28th, for a dinner meeting with me and Chouinard.

Chouinard will confirm this on Monday if possible but perhaps not before Tuesday. It is by no means firm at this stage although it is probable.

This means that our meeting on Monday to discuss “constitutional guarantees” will not be any too soon.

You may wish to know that Chouinard told me that Arthur Tremblay has undergone an operation just this morning for a weakness that had been detected in the aorta. He will probably be out of operation for several months.


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