UK, House of Commons, “Minutes,” (8 March 1867)

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Date: 1867-03-08
By: UK (House of Commons)
Citation: UK, HC, “Minutes“, vol 185 (1867), col 1547.
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NEW WRITS ISSUED—For Droitwich, v. Right Hon. Sir John Somerset Pakington, baronet, Secretary of State; for Devon County (Northern Division), v. Right Hon. Sir Stafford Henry Northcote, baronet, Secretary of State; for Tyrone, v. Right Hon. Henry Thomas Lowry Corry, First Commissioner of the Admiralty.

SELECT COMMITTEE—On Limited Liability Acts nominated.

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—Resolutions [March 7] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Second Reading—Consolidated Fund (£369,118 5s. 6d.)*; Land Contracts (Ireland)* [32].

Committee—Metropolitan Poor (re-comm.) [66] [R.P.]

Considered as amended—Shipping Local Dues* [5].

Third Reading—British North America* [52], and passed.

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