UK, HL, “Minutes”, vol 186 (1867), col 804

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Date: 1867-03-29
By: UK (House of Lords)
Citation: UK, HL, “Minutes“, vol 186 (1867), col 804.
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804 Sat First in Parliament—The Earl of Eldon, after the Death of his Father.

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—Lyon King of Arms (Scotland)* (54).

Second Reading—Oyster Fisheries* (47).

Third Reading—Consolidated Fund (£7,924,000),* and passed.

Royal Assent—(£369,118 5s. 6d.) Consolidated Fund [30 Vict. c. 4]; Duty on Dogs [30 Vict. c. 5]; Marriages (Odessa) [30 Vict. c. 2]; British North America [30 Vict. c. 3]; Metropolitan Poor [30 Vict. c. 6].

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