New Brunswick, House of Assembly, Debates of the House of Assembly [Prorogation] (9 July 1866)

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Date: 1866-07-09
By: New Brunswick (House of Assembly)
Citation: New Brunswick, House of Assembly, Reports of the Debates of The House of Assembly [1866] at 86.
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Monday, July 9.

  •       (p. 86)



Dr. Dow moved the following Resolution:

Resolved,—That a Committee be appointed to make arrangements during the recess for the Reporting and Publishing the Debates of this House at the next Session of the Legislature.

The following members were appointed the CommitteeDr. Dow, Hon. Mr. Connell, and Mr. Wetmore.

A messenger from His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, announced that His Excellency commanded their attendance in the Legislative Council Chamber. The House having attended, His Excellency was pleased to Prorogue the Assembly with the following


Mr. President and Hon. Gentlemen of the Legislative Council:

Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly:

I have learned with much satisfaction that she opinion so strongly expressed by Her Majesty’s Government, as to the expediency of a closer Union between the British North American Provinces, has now received the concurrence of both Branches of the Provincial Legislature.

It is my intention, in accordance with the wishes of the House of Assembly shortly to appoint Delegates who, in conjunction with Delegates from the other Provinces of British America, will arrange with Her Majesty’s Government the details of an Act which, as requested by the Address of the Legislative Council to Her Majesty the Queen, adopted in April last, will be introduced into the Imperial Parliament for the purpose, of effecting the desired Union.

In the Bill to which I have just assented, suspending in certain cases the operation of the Habeas Corpus Act, I recognize a proof of your watchful case for the tranquility of the Province. The mischievous designs of the Fenian: conspirator have, it is true, been frustrated: but it will, I fear, be necessary for some time to come to exercise a careful vigilance entirely to prevent the revival of their projects.

Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly:

I thank you for the readiness and unanimity with which you have provided for the exigencies of the Public Service.

Mr. President and Hon. Gentlemen of the Legislative Council:

Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly:

The Queen has been graciously pleased to confide to me the discharge of important duties in another part of Her Majesty’s Dominions; and in now taking leave of you on your return to your respective Counties, I do so for the last time.

I cannot quit without regret, a Province to which I have become sincerely attached, and, whilst I mark with deep interest the progress of the new nation of which New Brunswick will form no unimportant part, I shall ever watch with special concern the future fortunes of this portion of British America.

That it may continue to be happy and prosperous is my earnest prayer.

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