Prince Edward Island, House of Assembly, Debates and Proceedings: Confederation Question (10 May 1866)

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Date: 1866-05-10
By: Prince Edward Island (House of Assembly)
Citation: Prince Edward Island, House of Assembly, The Parliamentary Reporter; or, Debates and Proceedings of the House of Assembly of Prince Edward Island, For the Year 1866, 22nd Parl, 4th Sess, 1865 at 100.
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SESSION, 1866.

THURSDAY, May 10, 1866.

    •   (p. 100)

Hon. Mr. Kelly, from the Committee appointed to report on papers and documents submitted to the House, relative to certain charges preferred against James McWade, Esq., one of Her Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for Queen’s County, submitted the Report of the said Committee, which, after some debate thereon, was ordered to be withdrawn.

House in Committee on the Bill from the Legislative Council to amend the Act constituting the Legislative Council elective.

The nature of which amendment was to empower His Excellency in Council to change the time for holding the Elections for Members to serve in that body.

Bill reported agreed to.

The House in Committee on the Despatch from His Excellency the Lieut. Governor to the Secretary of State for the Colonies, accompanying the Joint Address of both Houses of the Legislature, passed last Session, on the subject of the payment of the Lieutenant Governor’s salary, in which Despatch allusion is made, among other matters, to the salary of the Private Secretary.

A considerable discussion on the subject ensued, during which the Hon. Mr. Coles submitted a Resolution to the effect, that the Government had been remiss in their duty in not sooner ascertaining the nature of the said Despatch, and in not taking steps forward a representation to the Colonial Office supporting the views set forth in the said Joint Address.

Hon. Mr. Pope moved that the said Resolution be withdrawn: which motion was carried in the affirmative.

The Committee appointed to prepare an Address to Her Majesty the Queen, expressive of the views of the House of Assembly upon the subject of Confederation, submitted an Address, which was adopted.

An address was also prepared and adopted, requesting His Excellency the Lieut. Governor to be pleased to forward to Her Majesty the Queen the said Address of the House of Assembly on Colonial Confederation.

House adjourned.

A. McNeill, Reporter.

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